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Retire To Something Not From Something: Three Secrets For Creating Your Midlife Millionaire Lifestyle. Join Katana as she shares her three step process of how to awaken your purpose and your passion to create true and lasting prosperity throughout your lifetime!

During this decade, more than 78 million Baby Boomers will be retiring and 66 percent expect to continue working to supplement their Social Security, pensions and savings.

How do you really want to spend the second half of your life?

  • Is your goal to retire someday or perhaps you're planning on working forever?
  • Have you ever thought about what it would be like to get paid to follow your passion and fulfill your life purpose -- would it even be considered work anymore?

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Katana Abbott, is a Certified Financial Planner, Certified Senior Advisor (working with seniors, the elderly and caregiving), Prosperity Coach, author, philanthropist and host of Smart Women Talk Radio.

After a 20-year career and building a successful financial planning business and managing over $100 million in assets placing her in the top 1% of money managers nationally, By creating a million dollar business that ran virtually without her, Katana was able to retire financially independent at age 48. Her dream was to leverage her financial and business experience to help in transition learn how to experience true joy and abundance by following their passions in life.

She is the founder of the nonprofit Smart Women’s Empowerment and host of Smart Women Talk Radio. Katana is a contributing author in the books Thank God I, and Stepping Stones to Success.

Katana inspires and educates audiences with her personal story of being abandoned and abused at an early age more- motivational speaker.


Passion for helping others:

Katana’s passion is helping others make a difference in the world through their dreams, their work and their legacy…creating a life of success and significance!

After rising from a life of poverty and adversity to a life of success and prosperity Katana founded the nonprofit Smart Women’s Empowerment which educates, inspires and empowers women and girls in financial literacy and entrepreneurship. The foundation is also a global online community and learning center featuring dozens of contributing experts and hundreds of resources – all available for free through grants and donations. Smart Woman Empowerment

Today, Katana is a sought after speaker & radio show guest with topics like:

  • Retire To Something Not From Something: Three Secrets For Creating Your Midlife Millionaire Lifestyle
  • The Designated Daughter: How to Prepare for that Call in the Night
  • Secrets of Successful High Earners: Going to That Next Level in Life

Katana continues to keep a small private coaching practice limited to 5-6 individuals.

A huge fan of Central America, Katana is leading ongoing "Awakening Adventure - Costa Rica" retreats for couples. Her next retreat is in September.

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