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The Happy YOU! Year Teleseminar is a free event designed to give you the tools and support to change your life.

With 46 of the most influential experts and celebrities, speaking over 9 days, the Happy YOU! Year includes some of the most successful certified professional life coaches, authors, celebrities, experts and radio hosts. Each speaker will not only cover how they become successful, but how YOU can take what they learned and apply it to achieving the success YOU deserve.

Thinking is not doing, clear the fear and embrace all the exciting possibilities.

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  • We will use a conference call service so you can ask the questions that can change YOUR life. There will be 46 experts and celebrities, spanning 9 days.

If you want to make this the Best Year of YOUR Life, then you are at the right place. The Happy YOU! Year teleseminar is designed to make you have the best year of YOUR life! Dedicated to YOUR SUCCESS, our speakers will help you achieve success in the areas of your life which matter most. The time has come! Gather your dreams and prepare to take part in what promises to be the most talked about free teleseminars of 2012.

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Deb Scott

Host: Deb Scott

Deb Scott, author, "Certified Professional Coach" and motivational speaker, is changing lives with an ability to inspire individuals to transform the bad into good. The discovery of the Amazing You, starts inside, in your heart, your soul and grows from there. Yes, your eventual rise to success is entirely up to you, but the seed to success in life and work can be planted and nurtured by those around you. Inspiring and motivating, Deb Scott can become part of your success. Self Help Website facebook twitter and BlogTalkRadio.

Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino

Host: Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino

Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino is CEO and Founder of The Best Ever You Network, a leading global provider of lifestyle content in; The Best Ever YOU Print and On-line Magazine, Radio, and Global Internet Community. Elizabeth is author of the award nominated Children's book "Pinky Doodle Bug" (2011) and is a national spokeswoman for the MedicAlert Foundation.

Elizabeth is a frequent featured guest expert on FOX News Maine and has appeared in numerous television commercials, is a contributing writer to publications such as the Portland Press Herald, Fabulously and She is a two time winner of the Mrs. Maine title.

Best Ever You Radio, is a top rated international radio show on BTR in Entertainment, Women, Books and Health/Fitness. Elizabeth has interviewed hundreds of experts and celebrities including; Ed Asner, Alana Stewart, Michael McGlone, Bobby Roth, Tosca Reno, Shea Vaughn, Eileen Davidson, Susan Baker, Forbes Riley and many more. Visit Elizabeth website at BestEveryYOU facebook twitter or on BlogTalkRadio.

Special Guest Speaker

Guest Speaker: Dr. Michael Beckwith - "The Answer Is You" Thursday 19th @ 4pm (EST)

Dr. Michael Beckwith

Dr. Michael Beckwith’s life is a living testament to building spiritual community. In the 1970’s he began an inward journey into the teachings of East and West, and today teaches universal truth principles found in the New Thought-Ancient Wisdom tradition of spirituality. Gifted with a vision of a trans-denominational spiritual community, in 1986 he founded the Agape International Spiritual Center upon his faith in that original vision.

Recently described in “What Is Enlightenment?” magazine as a "non-aligned trans-religious progressive," Dr. Beckwith shares his powerful conviction of creating the Beloved Community through his participation on international panels with other peacemakers and spiritual leaders including Dr. T. Ariyarante of Sri Lanka, and Arun Gandhi, grandson of Mohandas K. Gandhi. He is co-founder of the Association for Global Thought, an organization dedicated to planetary healing and transformation. Visit Dr. Beckwith online at


Meet Our Experts And Celebrities.

Saturday 14

self help teleseminar
9:00am (EST) - Gary Kobat - Performance Coach

Once in a rare while you come across someone who is willing to set the record straight and tell you a truth that will shift the way you think about yourself, and the world.

When it comes teaching us to gracefully get older, yet look and feel younger; assisting us to awaken, heal, and step into our true power from our heart, with compassionate self-love and self-care, Gary Kobat is that man.

Quickly becoming a world-known authority in the field of Mind, Body, Spirit, and Sport, Gary is the purposed prophet who by loving himself loves the world - one soul at a time. In short, Gary is the best friend anyone's self-esteem, self-worth, and sense of deservingness can ever have.

Gary has been interviewed by Darren Hardy and CBS. His client list inlcudes Will Ferrell and he has written articles for Deepak Chopre. Visit Gary online at

Watch actor Will Ferrell and Gary during their interviewe about Will's transformation.

Watch Gary's recent CBS Interview about Women's Fatigue:

self help teleseminar
11:00am (EST) - Pina De Rosa - Effortless Results

Award-winning film producer, international speaker & high-performance trainer, Pina De Rosa has been leading live workshops, teleclasses and webinars for 10+ years now. She speaks 5 languages (English, French, Italian, Spanish and German) and holds 4 passports. Pina has been nominated for the 2010 and the 2011 Los Angeles Business Journal Woman Making A Difference Award.

Besides keynote speaking for international Women Empowerment Organizations, Pina has coached and trained thousands of people worldwide, from Los Angeles to London, from Sydney to Hong Kong and from Auckland to Kilimanjaro, with always the same commitment and results: empowering each client to live their fullest potential, delivering fast and lasting release of those internal blocks/fears/self-doubt that get in the way of us taking action & experiencing quality of life.

Visit Pina online at or Gratitude International

self help teleseminar
1:00pm (EST) - Bergen Williams - Actress Wellness

Bergen Williams is probably best knows for her actress role as "Big Alice" Gunderson on ABC’s General Hospital, but l and is a freelance writer and script consultant. But, of course, and as a guest actress on such shows as NYPD Blue, The Drew Carey Show, Scrubs, Nip/Tuck, and Seventh Heaven.

Bergen is A "Jane of all Trades" and has been everything from a dishwasher to an executive software analyst, with stints as a forklift driver, legal secretary, welder, salad chef and roofer in between.

A two time cancer survivor, she is passionate about eating healthy and cooking right. Her articles on nutrition and living have been featured in magazines such as 'Natural Living."

You can visit Bergen onine at

self help teleseminar
3:00pm (EST) - Lisa Haisha - Soul Blazing

Lisa Haisha is a Hollywood counselor and noted humanitarian. In the field of psychology, Haisha is considered the originator of Soul Blazing, a raw, intense form of therapy. Presently, she serves as a private counselor and coach to Hollywood’s top producers, A-list actors, and corporate executives. She is also the co-founder of The Whispers Foundation, an international humanitarian agency supporting orphanages.

Lisa Haisha has coached actors, writers, and directors engaged in such TV properties as "Entourage," "Big Love," "Twin Peaks," "90210," "Party of Five," "Two and a Half Men," "The Big Bang Theory," "ER," "The Bold and the Beautiful" and "CSI Miami," and the films "Pulp Fiction," "Batman," "Mr. Holland's Opus," "Courage Under Fire," "Never Been Kissed," and many others. She is a contributing columnist for The Huffington Post, My LA Lifestyle and Soul Café. Lisa will be teaching a week-long workshop at the Omega Institute in June 2012. Visit Lisa online at

self help teleseminar
6:00 PM (EST) - Lolly Daskal - Leadership

In a world of instant, of real time media and instant access to information, Lolly Daskal engages individuals to engage in their foundational elements of what they believe, why they choose the beliefs they live, and how the core of their being affects the life they are achieving. Lolly's story is one of Incredible courage, of how she went from being homeless at sixteen to a world leader in business Lolly is a catalyst in helping individuals and businesses examine, evaluate, and excavate the very details of their own processes that empower them to use their own stories, their experiences, to enter a new level of inner discipline and leadership development.

Lolly believes that the heart is inextricably designed to be the center of our personal leadership. Our senses, our feelings, our thoughts are an intricately woven tapestry of life experiences, learning, and engagement. Her life long study of the inner disciplines of thought process, core competencies and human relationships to their thoughts has brought her to the meaning of Lead from Within.

Lolly's #LeadFromWithin Tweetchat is a popular platform for leadership professionals around the world, and she is ranked one of the top 100 Leadership Blogs in the country.

self help teleseminar
8:00 PM (EST) - Forbes Riley - Exercise

National Fitness Hall of Fame inductee 2010 Forbes Riley is an award-winning TV host, author, highly sought-after spokesperson, motivational keynote speaker, and life coach to celebrities and CEOs. She has helped millions take positive action in their own lives by sharing her passion for and unshakeable belief in the impact a healthy lifestyle can make in your life.

Forbes has gained international celebrity due to her highly successful, globally broadcasted infomercials for the Jack Lalanne Juicer and the Living Well Healthmaster Blender, both of which have grossed into the hundreds of millions of dollars. One of today's most accomplished entrepreneurs, she has been highlighted by Forbes magazine as a megabrand CEO for her SpinGym® alongside Silly Bandz, Skullcandy and Carol's Daughter. E! Has produced a TV special profiling each of these hot new products and their talented creators, filmed Got Rich Quick: Outrageous Fortunes.

Forbes has been featured numerous times on Fox, The Doctors and countless morning talk shows across the country. A regular presence on QVC for almost 15 years, and now on HSN for the past 6 years.

Forbes, along with her husband Tom and their twins, divide their time between Los Angeles and Tampa Bay, managing their businesses, raising their family and increasing the awareness of health and fitness in all they do.

Visit Forbes online at

Sunday 15

self help teleseminar
9:00am (EST) - Dr. David Fraser - Relationships

Dr. David Fraser, is a leading authority on relationship skills in professional and personal life. With his breadth of knowledge, an engineer’s talent for organizing systematic and reliable solutions, and an ability to write in an interesting, direct, and readable way, David is well positioned to address the age-old problem of how to build effective relationships with other people. David is a public speaker and broadcaster.

David applies his unusual blend of expertise to supporting disparate groups working together in complex circumstances, including major collaborative projects and matters of national importance. In addition to his work on relationship management with corporate clients, David runs workshop and coaching programs on relationship skills for both organizations and individuals, focusing on the potential to leverage results.

David lives with his wife and three children in Glasgow, Scotland. Visit David online at

self help teleseminar
1:00pm (EST) - Debbie Mancini - Family & Kids

If you’ve seen her on television, heard her on the radio, participated in one of her interactive workshops, or have been motivated by her books and articles, you know that Debbie’s ardent mission is to help children and adults tap into their imagination, and nurture creative self-expression.

These abilities help us to enhance our individual authenticity, and ultimately live happier by living true to ourselves and our life-purposes. Once we cultivate our ingenuity, just about everything becomes easier. Don't you want to be one of 'those people' who wakes up each day and makes a conscious decision to grasp ~with both hands~ the tools to make great things happen? It's easier than you might think ... and it's way more fun than what you already know! And, as a parent, what could be more fulfilling than passing these awesome secrets along to your children?

Debbie is a seasoned media personality who has made countless radio and television appearances, and is currently in the production stages of her own radio and TV series

Visit Debbie online at (for kids) or (for parents)

self help teleseminar
6:00pm (EST) - Keith Keller - Twitter

Aussie Twitter trainer, now amongst top 1% in the world. Melbourne based "Twitter 4 Business Specialist" Keith Keller calls himself "The Personal Trainer 4 Twitter" and with over 30,000 followers, he is now considered amongst the top 1% of Twitter users in the world. Like many social media enthusiasts, Keith turned to Twitter as a way of promoting his own services. In Keith’s case, it was his Internet radio show, Career Success Radio, which at its height, was listened to in over 120 countries around the world.

For more information on Keith Keller’s Twitter Intensive and his work as "The Personal Trainer For Twitter" visit his website or follow him on Twitter at

self help teleseminar
8:00pm (EST) - Brianna Brown - Actress

You've seen Actress, spokeswoman and model, Brianna Brown on a variety of popular television shows such as CBS "CSI," "CSI: New York," "CSI: Miami," "Without a Trace," CBS "Criminal Minds."and opposite Kyra Sedgwick in "The Closer."

Brianna has recently finished shooting over 200 episodes as the love to hate villain Dr. Lisa Niles on the Emmy award winning series "General Hospital." During her soap stint Soap Opera Digest recognized Brianna with Best Storyline in 2010 and Sexiest Actress on General Hospital 2011.

In 2011 Brianna was nominated by Los Angeles Business Journal "Women Making a Difference" for her work with "The New Hollywood." Brianna stated that she originally started the group to support other women who were also trying to "make the impossible, possible." She explains, "It’s amazing to see what can be accomplished when women love and support one another in being their personal best rather then falling into the stereo-type of being catty, competitive and negative. The intention of my group(s) is to help myself and other brilliant women to be the best they can be in all areas of their lives. It is quite an inspiring group of women."

Visit Brianna online at

Monday 16

self help teleseminar
9:00am (EST) - Dr. Jo Anne White - Beyond The Law of Attraction

Dr. Jo Anne White, international speaker, author and certified professional coach, specializes in Transformation, Innovation and Energy Medicine. Known globally as the "Success Doc", she gets to the heart of what matters most to men, women and businesses. She’s helped millions of individuals and organizations shape their own dreams, master their own success and triumph in business and life. Her uplifting seminars, books and products captivate and motivate audiences.

Host of the popular "Power Your Life" Talk Radio Show, she’s been featured online and as a frequent guest expert on radio and television networks such as Fox, NBC, CBS and in publications worldwide including More, Good Housekeeping, Yahoo,, WebMD and Woman’s World. Doc White has been successfully teaching the Law of Attraction to her clients to help them live their dreams. Visit her online at

self help teleseminar
1:00pm (EST) - Sandra Robinson - Charisma on Camera

Sandra Dee Robinson is an actress, speaker, radio host and founder of Charisma on Camera Media Training Studio. She helps professionals from all walks oflife establish their "Visual Brand", utilize video in their business, and empower them to easily and authentically share their message, increasing recognition and income!

Sandra also works with experts and visionairies to prepare for media opportunities, website or product videos. Sandra has appeared in major roles on Another World, Sunset Beach, Bold and the Beautiful, General Hospital, Days of Our Lives, andguest starred on many prime time shows. She currently is on The Bay the Series and is still working as an on camera host.

Sandra's clients have appeared on Good Morning America, Dr oz, Ellen, Celebrity Rehab, KTLA News, Fox 40, Fox News, CNBC, QVC and more…

Visit Sandra online at

self help teleseminar
6:00pm (EST) - Sue Ingebreston - Nutrition Health

As featured in FIRST for Women magazine, and the nationally syndicated health TV program, Know the Cause! Sue Ingebretson is a writer, speaker, certified holistic health counselor, and the director of program development for the Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Research and Education Center at California State University, Fullerton.

Her book, FibroWHYalgia, details her own journey from chronic illness to chronic wellness

self help teleseminar
800pm (EST)- Michelle Mayur - Healing & Meditation

Michelle Mayur, The Healer for Healers, is the Founder of the vibrant ‘Heal the Healer’ global community of healers and Lightworkers ( with members from over 65 countries. She helps people find more zest for life, raise their vibration and move beyond limitations.

Since 1995 at Angel Wings Healing ( in Melbourne , Australia , Michelle has specialized in hypnotherapy and spiritual healing, with clients globally. She has facilitated Spiritual Egypt Tours and the Global Conference 'Breakthrough to Abundance for Healers' .

Michelle's, The 8 Steps to Conscious Living" is at 8-steps-to-conscious-living-program

Tuesday 17

self help teleseminar
9:00am (EST) - Dr. Nancy Mramor - Getting To Know Your Inner Committee

Nancy Mramor Ph.D. is a media and health psychologist, a Spiritual Fitness Coach, a speaker and award winning author, of the book Spiritual Fitness. Her COVR award was the same award won that year by the Dalai Lama. In 2011, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center awarded Nancy and her UPMC Shadyside team a grant for the production of a stunning Hypnosis for Health DVD.

Nancy is the professional resource to call when you need someone to address current trends in life and health on radio, TV and print. She has appeared in over 350 media placements including CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX and many other venues. Her RxTV prescriptions assist people in making healthy use of TV and technology.

You can also contact Nancy for speaking engagements, conferences or individual therapy. She has been an invited speaker at conferences in Europe, around the United States and at the American Psychological Association. She has consulted to businesses, schools, hospitals, private practice, has been on the faculty of five Pennsylvania universities and was voted one of Western Pennsylvania’s most successful women. Visit or visit her on facebook YouTube

self help teleseminar
11:30am (EST) - Eva Gregory - Law of Attraction

Known as American's Divine Guidance Coach, Eva Gregory, 2006 International Coach of the Year, is a master coach, speaker and author of several books and programs including The Feel Good Guide to Prosperity, Ten Weeks to Your Cosmic Connection to Source™ and Guidance On Demand: Where Spirituality and Practicality Merge™.

Regularly featured on radio and in the media, Eva is also a recognized authority on the Law of Attraction and has instructed thousands on how to create a life deliberately using the Law of Attraction. As co-host of her own radio shows she has interviewed some of the most influential thought leaders today and has had the honor of sharing the virtual stage as a featured speaker with Mary Morrissey, Mark Victor Hansen, John Assaraf & Marci Shimoff among many others.

Her newest book, Life Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction, co-authored with Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, can be found in bookstores everywhere. For more information on Eva's programs and services or to schedule her for an interview or presentation, visit

self help teleseminar
1:00pm (EST) - Fred Cuellar - Expert Success

Fred Cuellar, the founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the world’s top diamond experts, and was recently listed in the Millenium Guinness Book of World Records as the Most Acknowledged Jeweler. Mr. Cuellar is accredited in diamonds by the Gemological Institute of America, and is ranked as one of the top diamond experts in America by National Jeweler. With over 20 years of experience in the diamond and jewelry business, Fred’s clients include the Saudi Royal Family and hundreds of professional athletes and celebrities. Fred is an importer and creative designer of jewelry, best-selling author, writer and columnist to the national media, and founder of DCI’s National Diamond Helpline, MyGemologist™ program, and Adopt A Diamond™ program.

Fred is also a best selling author, and has written four books including the number one selling book on diamonds in the country, How to Buy a Diamond. Of all books in print, How to Buy a Diamond is ranked among the top 1 percent! How to Buy a Diamond and the National Diamond Helpline are endorsed by the National Bureau of Fraud Prevention in Washington, DC. Fred’s other books are Diamonds for Profit, The World’s Greatest Proposals, and Fredisms.

Fred is the official diamond expert for MSNBC, "Men’s Health" magazine, AOL’s the and The Wedding Network, and "Icon" magazine. He has been featured and discussed on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, NBC’s Today Show, CBS Morning News, Crook & Chase, CNN, ESPN, The Donahue Show, Wall Street Journal, Cosmopolitan, US Weekly, In Style Magazine as well as over 100 other news and talk shows.

Visit Fred online at

self help teleseminar
2:00pm (EST) - Susan Harrow - PR Secrets

Susan Harrow is a world-renowned media coach PR & marketing expert & author of Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul (HarperCollins). Publisher's Weekly dubbed it a "Rumi-meets-Seth Godin public relations handbook." Hundreds of readers call it their "Publicity Bible."

Her clients include Fortune 500 CEOs, celebrity chefs, rock stars, reality TV contestants, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, speakers and authors just like you whom she helps to double or triple their businesses with PR. Dozens of her clients have appeared on Oprah, 60 minutes, CNN, CBS, Good Morning America, Larry King Live, Donny Deutsch, and in the NY Times, the Wall Street Journal, Parade, People, Vogue, O, Forbes, Time, Inc.

She specializes in helping women entrepreneurs become respected thought leaders. You can subscribe to her free ezine to get tips, techniques, and insights to promote yourself with integrity and spirit at:

self help teleseminar
6:00pm - Heshie Segal - Networking

Heshie Segal is a professional speaker, trainer, consultant and executive coach. She helps top executives, managers and individuals build their business through relationships. Corporations, colleges, universities and individuals alike seek out her powerful presentations. Her warmth, energy, and expertise lead to substantive change regardless of the venue.

Heshie Segal teaches her clients how to turn a business card, a presentation, and even a chance meeting into lasting business. For over 14 years Heshie has dedicated herself to understanding and sharing the secrets of human connections. Heshie's strategies for making connections that count bring success in the workplace and in life.

Heshie is creator of JetNetting, an innovative and highly specific system of preparatory networking resulting in the eradication of cold calling, awkwardness and relationship tensions. Central to the system is an original definition and vision of immediacy and timing, the power of JetNetting being a service mentality on behalf of the JetNetter.

Visit Heshie online at

self help teleseminar
8:00pm (EST) - Jenn Ward - Healing

Jen Ward is a Light Worker, Medical Intuitive and Modern-Day Priestess who has dedicated herself to freeing others of their limitations on the path to the heart of love and truth. Jen has developed her healing tools through personal development which includes discovering her talents as a "Sangoma", an African shaman which relies on the assistance of healing ancestors and moves unwanted energy using sounds.

Jen has created a protocol for releasing past vows that present present day happiness. Jen has taught at Omega Institute and been a guest host on Hay House Radio. She has worked extensively one on one with celebrity clients.

Check out her blog at and join her on twitter at

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Wednesday 18

self help teleseminar
9:00am (EST) - Lisa Tener - Write Your Book

Book Writing Coach Lisa Tener is a published author, blogger and speaker who is passionate about helping aspiring authors get their message out by helping them write a book and get published. Lisa serves on the faculty of the Harvard Medical School continuing education course on writing and publishing books. She is a regular columnist for Aspire Magazine Online and her articles are often featured on the front cover with articles by luminaries like Cheryl Richardson, Colette Baron-Reid, Marci Shimoff and Marianne Williamson.

Lisa served on the magazine’s advisory board as well as the advisory board of the International Association of Writers. Visit Lisa online at

self help teleseminar
11:00am (EST) - Sandi, Rick, Vicky - MidLife Road Trip

The Midlife Road Trip is a popular web series with episodes that feature the best of travel, adventure, good food, wine and great conversations. Sandi McKenna, Rick Griffin and Vicky Akins are all about connecting with great people from around the world, in person and through social media.

Crossing the country and crossing items off their "bucket list", they share their passion with everyone they meet for the fun side of life and a Midlife Therapy for a Midlife Crisis!

Midlife road trip has been featured on Fox News, Bloomberg Business Week, We Television, Daytime TV, The Huffington Post, and BBC Travel. Visit the MidLife Road Trip online at

self help teleseminar
1:00pm (EST) - Cari Murphy - Soul Success and Mindset Expansion

Soul Success Coach | Best-Selling Author | Media Personality

As a Soul Success Coach, Business Coach and Manifesting Mindset Mentor coaching tens of thousands worldwide, Award-Winning Author of 5 books, including the Best-Seller: Create Change Now, Speaker, Celebrated Media Personality, International Talk Radio Host of the Create Change Now Radio Show with over 400,000 listeners, and Founder and CEO of Empowerment Coaching Solutions, Cari is dedicated to helping conscious entrepreneurs and success seekers build their businesses and experience spiritual expansion, soul-driven success, and purposeful living through her consistently inspirational messages of individual empowerment.

Cari inspires her clients, audience, listeners, and readers to expand the horizons of their imaginations, unleash their greatest potential, and create pathways to unlimited abundance! Cari is also highly driven to support her clients in clearing their energetic blocks, heightening their intuitive abilities, shifting their perspective to allow for phenomenal new levels of success, and manifesting the physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual rewards their soul deserves.

Visit Cari online at

self help teleseminar
4:00pm (EST) - Sue Jacques - Civility CEO

Sue Jacques is The Civility CEO™, a corporate civility expert who helps individuals and businesses gain confidence, earn respect and create courteous corporate cultures. Sue has been speaking, writing and facilitating seminars about civility and professionalism for over a decade. Prior to becoming The Civility CEO™, Sue worked for over 18 years as a Forensic Death Investigator at the Medical Examiner’s Office.

During that time she performed the medical investigation of thousands of violent and unexpected deaths, and through that experience she learned about the true value of respect and the ultimate costs of incivility.

A regular media resource, Sue has been a guest on Oprah Radio’s The Gayle King Show, and her professional journey was recently featured in More magazine. Visit Sue online at

self help teleseminar
6:00pm (EST) - Robin Roffer - Brand YOU

Robin Fisher Roffer ranked among the World’s Top 5 Most Influential Brand Gurus, Robin Fisher Roffer provides the rocket fuel that has ignited the launch pad of dozens of brands all over the world. Crafting brand-building strategies and marketing plans for major corporations like Sony, Time-Warner and 20th Century Fox, as CEO of Big Fish Marketing Robin’s dynamic spark has unearthed the soul of some of the world’s most beloved brands and in turn defined a who’s who of successful ventures.

Robin’s mission is to help professionals fearlessly achieve their potential and shares the secrets from 20 years of branding some of the best loved companies in the world in her products and programs, teleclasses and weekly success blogs. Visit Robin online

self help teleseminar
800pm (EST) - Nicole Burley - Nutritional Health

Nicole Burley, M.Ed is a certified Life Coach and Health Coach, living in New York City. She works with frustrated dieters who are READY to find a happy, healthy weight through the power of plant-based nutrition. No deprivation or suffering allowed! Nicole's one-on-one coaching programs are designed to create a condition of vibrant health in all the areas of your life.

Nicole has been featured on: "CrazySexyLife," "YourTango," "BestEverYou radio show." Visit her online at

Thursday 19

self help teleseminar
9:00am (EST) - Annie Jennings - Public Relations

PR FIRM, Author Expert, Book Publicity, Book Marketing and Media Placement. You've seen her clients on Fox News, CNN, CNBC, Good Morning America, the Today Show, 60 Minutes and popular publications such as USA Today, Woman's World, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and so many more.

Annie specializes in booking clients on the top national media including major national network and leading news TV shows, major national morning TV shows, high powered, high listener ship radio shows in the highest ranked radio markets in the country as well as placing experts for commentary in the high circulation national magazines and leading big city newspapers and high visitor ship Internet news & media sites.

Annie Jennings is a National Inspirational Publicist who dedicates her life to helping her clients reach their dreams. "Everyone should have the chance at getting their brass ring," says Annie who views it as her job to make sure they do!

Annie Jennings PR has clients across the USA as well as Canada, Europe, Australia & more. Visit Annie online at

self help teleseminar
11:00am (EST) - James Rick - Goals

James Rick is Founder of the Full Potential Academy, speaker and author of Unleash Your Full Potential. James Rick started his first biz at the age of 17, currently employs more than 150 staff around the world and his businesses have generated more than $5 million in revenues over the last 36 months

James Rick (Mr. Full Potential) helps people create and condition powerful routines for boosting lifestyle, cutting costs and living ON purpose.

James has appeared on Fox Business News, Oprah and the cover of National Speaker Magazine. James Rick is host of the Full Potential Show, the world’s #1 non-boring source for life changing information. Visit James onilne at

self help teleseminar
1:00pm (EST) - Elinor Stutz - Sales & Marketing

Elinor Stutz, CEO of Smooth Sale, LLC authored the International Best-Selling book, "Nice Girls DO Get the Sale: Relationship Building That Gets Results" and the best-selling book, "HIRED! How to Use Sales Techniques to Sell Yourself On Interviews" and is known for delivering inspirational keynotes at conferences.

Elinor has been interviewed on ABC-TV "View from the Bay" with Spencer Christian. She has been featured in: TIME Magazine, Periodicals and on a variety of Radio Shows.

Services include corporate consultation, coaching, and business retreats to Grow your business. Visit for more information.

self help teleseminar
3:00pm (EST) - Shea Vaughn - SheaNetics

Shea Vaughn is the founder and CEO of SheaNetics®, a revolutionary East-meets-West lifestyle wellness and exercise practice that delivers a powerful mind-body experience and ignites your potential to look and feel your best on the inside and out. She is a fitness coach, expert, wellness coach, author, motivational speaker and a recognized spokeswoman for creating well-being at any age.

The heart of SheaNetics is The 5 Living Principles of Well-Being – Commitment, Perseverance, Self-Control, Integrity and Love; uniting the mind and body as one and inspiring the answers you seek – to live the life you deserve. SheaNetics takes mind-body transformation one step further with a fresh self-styled approach to exercise that combines yoga, pilates, tai chi, martial arts, ballet and lots more, along with the performance-enhancing benefits of Tri-Core Power Training – to develop your "killer" core. SheaNetics is "Your Pathway To Well-Being".

Shea has been a guest on national television, radio, and print media such as The Best Ever You Network, QVC, and The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

He recently published book, Shea Vaughn’s Breakthrough – The 5 Living Principles to Defeat Stress, Look Great and Find Total Well-Being. "BREAKTHROUGH" invites you to find the clarity, balance and fulfillment that await you…to live without fear and regret the life you deserve. "A new beginning is just breakthrough away!"

Visit Shea online at

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4:00pm (EST) - Michael Beckwith - The Answer Is You

Dr. Michael Beckwith’s life is a living testament to building spiritual community. In the 1970’s he began an inward journey into the teachings of East and West, and today teaches universal truth principles found in the New Thought-Ancient Wisdom tradition of spirituality. Gifted with a vision of a trans-denominational spiritual community, in 1986 he founded the Agape International Spiritual Center upon his faith in that original vision.

Recently described in “What Is Enlightenment?” magazine as a "non-aligned trans-religious progressive," Dr. Beckwith shares his powerful conviction of creating the Beloved Community through his participation on international panels with other peacemakers and spiritual leaders including Dr. T. Ariyarante of Sri Lanka, and Arun Gandhi, grandson of Mohandas K. Gandhi. He is co-founder of the Association for Global Thought, an organization dedicated to planetary healing and transformation. Visit Dr. Beckwith online at

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6:00pm (EST) - Wendie Pett - Fitness

Wendie Pett, a nationally recognized name in the fitness industry, is passionate about motivating and encouraging people to make fitness and nutrition part of their daily routine. She enthusiastically teaches the care of mind, body and spirit, assisting others to learn the importance of reaching their full God-given potential through her Visibly Fit™ program ~ a total wellness and body weight resistance exercise program.

Wendie has her own television show that airs nationally every week on the NRB network. Her Visibly Fit show also airs on several other networks in local markets. The show received the Exceptional Service Award in 2011. She appears regularly on other nationwide television shows and speaks at large corporations, churches and universities promoting her Visibly Fit™ health and fitness philosophies.

Wendie, the owner and CEO of Wendie Pett Enterprises, LLC is also a mother and community-minded volunteer. You can visit Wendie online at

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8:00pm (EST) - Katana Abbott - Prosperity

Katana Abbott, is a Certified Financial Planner, Prosperity Coach, author, philanthropist and host of Smart Women Talk Radio with over 80,000 iTunes subscribers.

After a 20-year career and building a successful financial planning business where she managed over $100 million in assets, Katana retired financially independent at 48 to teach women how to create wealth while making a difference in the world and living the life they love.

Today, she is the founder of the Smart Women’s Prosperity Institute™ where women can receive monthly live business and financial coaching, access dynamic resources, network and join in Katana’s Smart Women Retreats to Costa Rica and other fabulous places in the world.

Visit Katana online at

Friday 20

self help teleseminar
9:00am (EST) - Dr. Alex Concorde - Business Psychology

Dr Alex Concorde BSc MD PhD MBA is known internationally as a trusted voice at the cutting-edge of Medicine, Business & Human Development. As a uniquely-qualified UK Entrepreneur, Scientist & Doctor, she bankrolled her own research for 20 years to bring to you a wholly different way of getting you to where you want to be! She's developed an ingenious system to help people GROW their ability to fight disease, regain health, get beyond mental/emotional scars & speed up their learning!!

To get YOUR year off to a flying start, Dr Alex is going to talk about becoming SuperSmart SuperFast in Business by: expanding the capacity of your brain! >re-structuring your thinking! >making it possible to hit your mark everytime!

self help teleseminar
11:00am (EST) - Jennifer Shea - Grocery Well Being

Jennifer Shea MS, MPH, RD is the health and nutrition expert and Retail East Dietitian for SUPERVALU. Shea covers the supermarket chains of SHAW'S and STAR MARKET, FARM FRESH, SHOPPERS and ACME Markets on the East Coast. Prior to her current position, Shea served as the Registered Dietitian and Wellness Coach for Shaw's Supermarkets in New England.

Shea's passion for health and wellness has led her to positions as media expert, health and nutrition expert, public speaker and consultant. . Shea is a source for national and local TV, radio, print and social media as a health and nutrition expert.

Visit Jennifer at

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1:00pm (EST) - Marnie Swedberg - Faith

Marnie Swedberg is the online mentor to over 20,000 leaders from over 30 countries. Authentic, super busy, yet beautifully balanced, she shares her life, strategies and connections based on "B.U.S.Y: Best Unique Strategies for You." She is the author of 12 books, the manager of the family restaurant, retail store and espresso café, and the hostess of numerous websites generating millions of hits per year.

Marnie has been featured and interviewed on: "Something You Should Know," ABC, CBNC, Reuters, FOX, "Ask the Experts," USA Today ...and more. Visit Marnie online at

self help teleseminar
3:00pm (EST) -Tosca Reno - Eat Clean

Tosca Reno is a New York Times best selling author, 9 times Oxygen cover girl, author of multi-million selling Eat Clean Diet series and star of her own TV show. At 40 author Tosca Reno knew she had to change her life.

After years of yo-yo dieting – topping the scales at 204 pounds – and stuck in an unhappy marriage, her self-esteem was at an all-time low. But by 41 she had lost all the excess weight, had gotten out of her bad relationship, gone back to school and was on her way to becoming the motivational writer, speaker, and fitness celebrity she is today!

Visit Tosca online at or

self help teleseminar
5:00pm (EST) - Wayne Scot Lukas - Fashion

Wayne Scot Lukas, probably best known for hosting TLC's What Not to Wear, has an awesome reputation for fashion styling some of the world's biggest celebrities and most glamorous women; Janet Jackson, Tina Turner, Cindy Crawford, Christie Brinkley, Lauren Hutton, Halle Berry and Meryl Streep to name a few.

Wayne believes anyone can dress beautiful, whatever their size, shape or budget. His expertise in spotting a trend, fit, color, balance, design and body shape issues have put him in great demand.

Wayne's work as a fashion stylist can be seen in; Elle, Arena, Marie Claire, Us, People, W, Vibe, Premiere, Entertainment Weekly, Italian and British Vogue, and Harper's Bazaar, among others. Visit Wayne online at

self help teleseminar
6:00pm (EST) - Gabe Berman - Live Like A Fruit Fly

Gabe Berman, best selling author of Live Like a Fruit Fly, is a native New Yorker who settled in South Florida after graduating from the University of Miami. An epiphany, a passion, and a trail of breadcrumbs led him out of Corporate America and into a writing career. His columns appear regularly in The Miami Herald and on

"In Live Like a Fruit Fly, Gabe Berman shares his recipe for living a more joyful, worthwhile, and abundant life in every way. A witty, entertaining, and insightful read." —Deepak Chopra, Author, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

Fruit flies are born, begin attending to their fruit-fly agendas almost immediately, then succumb to old age before witnessing a single change of season. Likewise, we live and die in the virtual blink of an eye. Unfortunately, we often ignore our own mortality and simply coast through our days without ever checking out the bowl of fruit on the other side of the kitchen. The life we hoped for can wait for another day, we think. But another day often slips through our grasp, and we learn that we can't wait another day ...that if we are to live consciously, we must learn to live like a fruit fly, not tomorrow but at this very moment, the one we are experiencing now. We are responsible for creating our own destiny. Our gut, our instincts--the GPS we're all born with--will never lead us astray if we trust it. Silver linings--more fruit to feast on--will always be within reach if only we're willing to explore.

self help teleseminar
8:00pm (EST) - Devin Alexander - Chef/Biggest Loser

New York Times Bestselling Author and Professional Chef, Devin Alexander, is a veteran in the fight against obesity and she's winning the war with her unique approach to healthy cooking. Having maintained a 55 pound weight loss for over 16 years, she lives and eats her message: you don't have to deprive yourself to be fit and healthy.

Devin is the host of "Healthy Decadence with Devin Alexander" on FitTv and has shared her secrets for unbelievably decadent, yet healthy foods through frequent appearances on "The Today Show", "Good Morning America", "The View", "The Biggest Loser", Discovery Health's "National Body Challenge", FOX, HGTV, USA, Style Network and others, and through over 200 magazine features in national magazines including Prevention, Women's Health, Men's Health, Shape, and Healthy Cooking, to name a few.

Devin has served as Culinary Advisor to Men's Fitness Magazine and Cooking Expert to Women's Health. Her first cookbook, Fast Food Fix (Rodale, 2006) was featured as an editor's top pick in USA Today. Her second cookbook, The Biggest Loser Cookbook (Rodale, 2006), spent weeks on The New York Times Bestsellers List. She recently released, "The Most Decadent Diet Ever!" (Broadway Books), which chronicles her personal weight loss journey and includes over 125 of her favorite dishes including, "Chocolate Not-Only-In-Your-Dreams Cake" (a makeover of the chocolate cake she thought she'd only ever dream about eating while battling her own weight).

Devin was recently named the SpokesChef of the Healthy Foods International Exposition and Conference and serves as a consultant and SpokesChef to numerous major U.S. Food and cookware companies. She speaks regularly throughout the country and loves receiving recipe suggestions from friends and fans ( And she is especially passionate about helping teenage girls live healthy (& fun!) lives!

Saturday 21

self help teleseminar
9:00am (EST) - Melissa Galt - Vision

Known for saving careers, rescuing relationships, igniting health improvements, catalyzing success for startups, Melissa takes you from out of focus and overwhelm to clarity of purpose, on path with passion, profiting with your talent, and living the life of your dreams. She is a renowned interior designer, social media expert, success mentor, speaker, and author.

Recognized by FORBES in 2010 as one of the Top 20 Women of Influence on Twitter, Melissa’s work and best practices have been widely featured in publications including The Atlanta Business Chronicle, Southern Living, and Better Homes and Gardens.

Melissa has a rich family heritage. She is the grand granddaughter of lifestyle pioneer and American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, often considered America’s most famous architect. Her mother was the late Oscar winning actress, Anne Baxter, best known for her title role as Eve in All About Eve, and as Princess Nefertiri in The Cecil B. DeMille epic The Ten Commandments.

Visit Meslissa online at

self help teleseminar
1:00pm (EST) - Sallie Felton - Organization

Sallie Felton is a radio talk show host, life coach, hypnotherapist, author, facilitator and inspirational speaker. Her two radio shows: "A Fresh Start with Sallie Felton" is designed to provide conscious raising topics to empower listeners; she and her husband, Conway, co-host "Light at the End of the Tunnel" in which they are advocates for those suffering from depression.

Sallie is the co-author of 4 books-- two with Deepak Chopra and Stephen Covey. Sallie’s newest book, "If I’m So Smart, Why Can’t I Get Rid Of This Clutter?" has been featured on FOX, CBS and ABC.

Visit Sallie online at

self help teleseminar
8:00pm (EST) - Donna Seebo - Intuition Mind Power

Donna Seebo is a Mental Practitioner, Counselor, Speaker, Teacher, Award-Winning Author, Minister and Radio/TV Personality. For most of her life she has been involved with the development of mind skills and delights in sharing them with others through speaking appearances, television and radio broadcasts.She is recognized for her dynamic presentation and clarity in the information she gives.

Donna has appeared on radio and television throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. "The Donna Seebo Show" is heard daily on, Station One "live" 3-4pm, Pacific Time-guests are featured from around the world and then phone lines are open to anyone who would like to get a reading from her on-air. Donna Seebo’s website:

Sunday 22

self help teleseminar
9:00am (EST) - Deb & Elizabeth - The ABC’s of Life

Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino is CEO and Founder of The Best Ever You Network, a leading global provider of lifestyle content in; The Best Ever YOU Print and On-line Magazine, Radio, and Global Internet Community. Elizabeth is author of the award nominated Children's book "Pinky Doodle Bug" (2011) and is a national spokeswoman for the MedicAlert Foundation.

Elizabeth is a frequent featured guest expert on FOX News Maine and has appeared in numerous television commercials, is a contributing writer to publications such as the Portland Press Herald, Fabulously and She is a two time winner of the Mrs. Maine title. Visit Elizabeth online at

Deb Scott, author, "Certified Professional Coach" and motivational speaker, is changing lives with an ability to inspire individuals to transform the bad into good. The discovery of the Amazing You, starts inside, in your heart, your soul and grows from there. Yes, your eventual rise to success is entirely up to you, but the seed to success in life and work can be planted and nurtured by those around you. Inspiring and motivating, Deb Scott can become part of your success. Visit Deb online at

self help teleseminar
12:00pm (EST) - Debra Oakland - Living in Courage

Debra Oakland is all about Living in Courage. This subject fascinates me because of all the possibilities courage presents to us on a daily basis. I created Living in Courage as a Spiritual Oasis for Overcoming Life's Biggest Challenges. Over a 6 year period, I lost my 21 year old son, my unborn baby girl in my 8th month of pregnancy, 2 brothers to AIDS, and my father. I could have given up, felt sorry for myself, made it about me, instead I asked myself what each one of them would have wanted for me, and that was to live a life of courage, to encourage others, to have a wonderful life.

My husband Cody and I have been married 25 years. We live such a blessed and incredible life together. I know that I have come through all of this more courageous, stronger, able to cope with life in a much more powerful way because of the lessons learned along the way. Visit Debra online at

self help teleseminar
6:00pm (EST) - Dr. Wendy Walsh - Relationships

Dr Wendy Walsh is the newest co-host of the Dr. Phil spin-off, THE DOCTORS and is regularly featured as CNN's Human Behavior Expert.

As Adjunct Assistant Professor at California State University Channel Islands, she lectures on evolutionary psychology and human mating strategies.

Dr. Walsh holds a B.A. In Journalism, a Masters degree in Psychology, and a Ph.D. In Clinical Psychology.

Her area of interest is human attachment and relationship styles.

She has appeared on The Today Show, The CBS Early Show, Good Morning America, Nancy Grace, Issues with Jane Valez Mitchell, Dr. Drew, and The View.

Visit Dr. Walsh online at or visit the nbc website to learn more about Devin

self help teleseminar
8:00pm (EST) - Lisa Nicole Bell - Star Power

Lisa Nicole Bell. Lisa Nicole Bell is a social change agent, author, award winning filmmaker, and entrepreneur. She and her team at Inspired Life Media Group create media projects that inspire new conversations and ignite positive action. Her projects have earned various nominations and awards including the NAACP Image Award, the Cable Positive Award, and the Los Angeles Business Journal Women Making A Difference Award.

Lisa Nicole Bell is the personification of what happens when art and commerce collide. A passionate communicator and relentless solution finder, Lisa is a unique hybrid of on air personality and behind-the-scenes powerhouse.

Lisa has been featured on dozens of media outlets internationally including Forbes, Reuters, Huffington Post, American Entertainment Magazine,, WomenPR, Mashable. Lisa was a recent 2011 presenter at "TED" (Technology, Entertainment and Design) ideas worth spreading.

Visit Lisa online at

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Randye Kaye: Bringing Words To Life.

Randye Kaye has over 20 years of experience as a voice talent, stage/TV/film actress, and radio personality, with a long list of major clients. She brings years of acting and improv experience to your commercial - as spokesperson or character – and provides a warm, rich, smooth, intelligent and expressive voice for your website, e-learning tutorial, IVR, on-hold message, promo/imaging, industrial narration, audiobook (children, adults), science/medical/technical instruction, video game, travel/real estate/museum tour, or event.

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